Traditional costumes becoming highlights of Songkran Festival

Women in traditional costumes posing for a picture last Thursday in ancient capital Ayutthaya amid rising interest in history, thanks to a popular soap opera .PHOTO: REUTERS

Many Thais and even foreign tourists wear Thai traditional costumes during the Songkran celebration this year after a soap opera set in Ayutthaya Era won much popularity in the kingdom.

In Lumphini Park of Bangkok, many Thai people took photos in Thai traditional costume while in Silom Road, Siam business district and other places, many Thais, dressed in Thai traditional costume and armed with water gun, participated in the water splashing carnival.

Thai traditional costumes have become the characteristics of Songkran this year.

Tao, a Thai woman in this kind of costume, said it is very beautiful to wear ancient costumes during the traditional festival of Songkran. “I hope Thai people can also realize the beauty of their traditional culture.”

Tom, another Thai woman in traditional costume, said she was influenced by the soap opera “Love Destiny” or “Bupphesaniwat.” She felt that wearing Thai traditional costumes also helps conserve and inherit traditional culture.

Bupphesaniwat, a TV opera about a modern Thai woman’s soul going back to the Ayutthaya Era, dwelling in the body of her twin sister in the past life and falling in love with a handsome noble then, has been very popular in Thailand recently.

The TV opera also won some popularity in China. A Chinese tourist from China’s southern city of Guangzhou said at the Lumphini park that he is a big fan of Bupphesaniwat and he came to the park to rent Thai costumes.

The Thai government has also encouraged civil servants and the public to wear costumes for the new year to carry on the tradition.

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said he hopes that Thai traditional costumes could become a new trend in Thai Songkran celebration.

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