60,000 arrested for drunk driving in two days of Songkran

Officials arrested almost 60,000 drink drivers and seized 535 cars as well as 940 motorcycles on roads across the country on Wednesday and Thursday, Colonel Sirichan Ngathong, deputy spokesperson of the National Council for Peace and Order, told the media on Friday(Apr 13).

Of the 59,390 arrested drink drivers, officials decided to charge 38,546 alleged offenders of driving under the influence of alcohol in a risky way which may cause road accidents.

Also 4,628 driving licenses of both motorists and motorcyclists as well as 1,475 vehicles, comprising 535 cars and 940 motorcycles were impounded.

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Colonel Sirichan said that owners of the impounded vehicles could claim them back after the end of Songkran festival.

On Thursday alone which marked the official beginning of the Songkran festival, altogether 56,051 drink drivers were arrested, representing 20 times increase of the number of drink drivers caught on Wednesday.

The deputy spokesperson said that the authorities would to strictly enforce safe driving measure, especially on the main roads to ensure safety for the motorists, bikers and public transport commuters. – ThaPBS

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