Thai authorities seize Israeli-made arms

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Thai authorities intercepted a pickup truck in the eastern part of the country bordering Cambodia and seized an arms cache which included Israeli-made Tavor and M-16 assault rifles.

They believe the night-time seizure in Khlong Yai district in Trat province two days ago was linked to an arms smuggling syndicate.

According to the local media, the pickup truck driver, who insisted he had no accomplice, told the investigators he intended to deliver the weapons from a neighbouring country to a customer in Saraburi province in central Thailand.

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Altogether, the authorities found two Tavor and four M-16 assault rifles, 20 M-16 upper receivers and four M-16 lower receivers as well as three hand flares from the pickup truck.

An investigation is ongoing, with the driver of the vehicle being held in police custody for further investigation.

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