Ladyboys of Bangkok are performing in Britain

The production will feature a cast of showgirls who just happen to be boys

The UK’s number one cabaret production featuring a cast of male Thai nationals who happen to look like girls is coming to Truro’s Hall for Cornwall on May 1.

The Lady Boys of Bankok started off as a show in Pattaya, Thailand, over 22 years ago when they were discovered by Carol and Phillip Gandey and brought over to the UK to perform at the Edinburgh Festival as a one off production.

Over the last two decades, the show has been seen by over two and a half million people, and brings together different people from all walks of life to enjoy a bit of cheeky humour and incredible choreographed dance routines featuring more than 400 sequinned costumes and a special appearance from Trevor Jones, one of Peter Kay’s regular sidekicks.

Trevor will be the only non-Thai cast member and will form a comedy duo with the hilarious Lady Boy Ole.

Not ones to travel light, the Lady Boys bring with them a purpose built Pink Pavilion with a Thai restaurant and bar, as well as 200 miles of cables, 17 articulated lorries, 24 front of house and bar staff, and 2,000 square metres of carpets and flooring, not to mention the 22 cast members and stage crew themselves.

There will be participation from the audience as the performers walk into the crowd and interact with people, and although there will be no nudity, the show will have adult themes and so is only open to over 18s.

They will be playing around 50 performances in 45 different towns and cities across the UK, including dates in: Brighton, Derby Newcastle, Dundee, Cardiff, Aberdeen, Belfast, and a sell out annual season at the Edinburgh Festival.

Tickets are £27.50 and £29.50 and can be purchased by visiting the Hall for Cornwall website and searching “Lady Boys of Bangkok.”

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