‘Dark skinned Westerner’ drowns in Bangkok’s Klong Saen Saeb

"Dark skinned Westerner" drowns in Bangkok's Klong Saen Saeb - why remains a mystery

Mystery surrounds the identity and death of a westerner who drowned in the Saen Saeb Klong in central Bangkok on Tuesday.

Sanook said it took rescue services 2 hours to fish him out after he fell in – or jumped – after an impromptu rescue was mounted by another foreigner who saw what happened.

Sanook said it took so long to retrieve the body because it was the rush hour and a lot of boats were plying the waterway that is one of the capital’s busiest canals.

A witness saw the foreigner fall or jump in the water. Then a Good Samaritan – also a foreigner – jumped in to try and save him. But when this proved fruitless Ruam Katayu were called and their divers went to work.

Sanook described the victim as a “farang with dark skin” in their headline. – Sanook

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