Thai Junta chief threatens to delay elections AGAIN

Not listening - Junta chief Prayuth

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha today (Monday) warned ill-intent politicians to stop badmouthing on political issues in a way may cause public confusion if they want the election to proceed in accordance with the political roadmap.

“Today, I would like to say something about politics. I don’t want to criticize anyone in particular. But there are people talking on many things – some with good intention, others with ill intention. I would like to appeal…if everyone wants the election to proceed in accordance with the set roadmap, they should stop talking in a way which causes damage or confusion because, in the end, the responsibility rests with the government,” said the prime minister.

He maintained that the government did not just have the responsibility to stage the election, but also had to maintain peace and order.

“The government is determined to advance toward full democracy. But we should also think how Thailand will be after the election? I would leave this question …and I hope it will be better than it is today,” said the prime minister.

He went on saying that he is not an enemy of anybody “because I am a Thai and you are Thai and, therefore, Thai people must help to make the country stable and secured so it can proceed to attain economic and social development.”

Asked about political parties’ call for an amendment of NCPO order 53/2560, the prime minister said that the issue is now under consideration. – ThaiPBS

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