American Michael William Dewey Arrested in Chiang Mai for Stealing From Temple

Tourist arrested for stealing Bt1,400 from Chiang Mai temple

American tourist Michael William Dewey, 48, has been arrested for stealing 1,420 baht ($45.55) from a donation box at a Wat Nong Mor Khamtuan temple in Chiang Mai.

Dewey, 48, was arrested late on Friday (March 30) night in front of a guesthouse in Tambon Chang, following a complaint by the abbot of the temple.

Phra Khru Praphat Sudkij said that a western man broke open a donation box and stole money on Friday morning.

Police said the Dewey was captured committing the theft on a CCTV security camera.

The abbot told Thai media that Dewey allegedly rode his bicycle to the temple to steal from it twice.

Police said the tourist initially denied the charge, but when he was confronted with the footage, he admitted it.

In 2016 Dewey was arrested and later deported from Cambodia on Theft related charges. – Chiang Mai Times

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