Jealous wife arrested for love-triangle murder

Ms Nichaphat Aolueknua, 54, alleged mastermind of the murder of her husband Montri Uppala is interrogated after her arrest by Thung Yai police in Nakhon Si Thammarat on Wednesday. (Photo by Nujaree Raekrun)

Five people have been arrested for the murder of an engineer who worked for the Krabi provincial administration, including the victim’s jealous wife.

One suspect still remains at large in the fatal shooting of Montri Uppala in Nakhon Si Thammarat in early 2017.

The case hit the news headlines, with widespread public interest.

The five arrested suspects are: the victim’s wife and alleged murder mastermind Nichaphat Aolueknua, 54; Chainarong Chaiwichit, 58, who allegedly hired the gunmen; Viroj  Boonsong, 39; Seree Boonsong, 55; and Pradit Chanchettanadee, 47.  The sixth suspect, Suwit Boonsong, 39, remains at large.

Prime suspect Nichaphat Aolueknua, 54, denies any involvement in the murder of her husband. (Photo by Nujaree Raekrun)

All are charged with colluding in the murder. The five now  in detention  were taken to Thung Yai police station in Nakhon Si Thammarat on Wednesday.  All denied the charges.

Montri,  57, a civil engineer at the Krabi provincial administration organisation, was gunned down on Thung Yai-Lam Thap Road in Thung Yai on the night of Feb 21.

He was ambushed while on his way to see his lover and his body found beside his bullet-holed pickup truck

Police investigators believe the love triangle was the motive for the murder, that Ms Nichaphat was consumed  by jealousy after learning her husband had a mistress and that they had two children.

The wife had sued for divorce, but they could not settle on their assets. Ms Nichaphat then hired gunmen to kill her husband, police allege.

Pol Maj Gen Wanchai Ekpornpit, chief of Nakhon Si Thammarat  police, said on Wednesday that although the suspects denied any involvement, police had sufficient evidence to back the charges and were confident of getting convictions. – Bangkok Post

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