Video: Drunk British tourists crash in Pattaya

Picture: Pattaya News

A video showed the aftermath to an early morning crash today on Pattaya Soi 2 road near the Dolphin Roundabout.

Two British boxers came off their bike and smacked into the tarmac.

Facial injuries were suffered by James Tennant, 22 who was treated near the scene by Sawangboriboon rescue. His unnamed mate was also hurt.

video screenhot

Both men were taken to Pattaya Memorial hospital around 4am.

A bike seen nearby was damaged. Pattaya News also found two smashed cases of Chang beer and what appeared to be the victims’ blood on the sidewalk.

video screenhot

Pattaya News said they were drunk.

No charges have yet been mentioned though police were on the scene. Source: Pattaya News


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