Pattaya expat threatened with jail after posting negative restaurant review online

Where is everybody then...?

An expat in Pattaya has been harassed, bullied and threatened with legal action after posting a negative restaurant review on Facebook.

The unnamed man posted the review in the popular Breakfast Club Pattaya group.

The group has over 40,000 members who share photos and short reviews of food they’ve bought at eateries across Pattaya.

However, on Sunday an administrator of the group revealed that one its long standing members had been been “harassed and threatened with legal action” by a restaurant owner in Pattaya after posting a negative review.

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In order to avoid further legal ramifications Thaivisa has chosen not to publish the name of the restaurant or its owner.

Commenting on the incident, a statement from the Breakfast Club Pattaya read:

“For the first time in 4 years one of our members has been harassed and threatened with legal action.

“For us as the admin team we believe this crosses the line.

“The guy that was threatened is an extremely well respected member of the Pattaya community and a fantastic contributor to this page”, the post read.

Rather than harassing people who may have left a negative review, the administrators of the group urged restaurateurs to use social media to their advantage when responding to reviews.




“There is not a restaurant in the world that has never received a bad review on social media, online or in the press, the administrators said.

“Some restaurants out here deal with bad reviews to their advantage.

“Bullying our members is not on.

“Pattaya is an extremely small community , word gets round [sic] very quickly if a decent guy has been threatened in this manner .

“The review has been removed by the original poster .

“It’s a very disappointing state of affairs when restaurants resort to these kind of tactics.”

Defamation, which is a criminal offence in Thailand, is punishable by up to two years in jail.

Commentators have said previously that Thailand’s strict defamation laws have been used as a weapon by the powerful to silence critics.

Last year Thaivisa was made aware of a similar incident in Chiang Mai where a restauranter threatened legal action after mistakenly believing that customers had left negative reviews about his restaurant online. – ThaiVisa

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