Chinese Space Station ‘will NOT land on your head’ – Thai air chief

Image: Sanook//Leo Delauncey / Mailonline

Air Chief Marshall Jom Rungsawang has moved to allay fears that a Chinese space station will not fall on people in Thailand.

He said there is only a one per cent chance of any of Tiangong 1 falling in Thailand.

Space agencies around the world have predicted that the reentry to earth of the prototype station will be some time before 8th April.

A European agency said the most likely day to watch out will be April 3rd, but it is an inexact science.

ACM Jom said that the station passes over Thailand for five minutes each day. It can be seen with the naked eye atop Doi Inthanon mountain in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s highest peak.

Sanook reporters asked him what people should do if it was falling on Thailand.

“Get out of the way, ” he said playfully, saying it was most likely to fall in the sea and that most of it would break up and be burned in the upper atmosphere.

It was impossible to be sure, however, and small fragments could be scattered over a wide area.

An internet search revealed that Britain’s Guardian newspaper reported that parts as large as 100 kilograms could make it to earth. – Sanook

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