Thai faces jail for airport bomb ‘joke’

Source: Sanook

A Thai passenger annoyed with an airline about a flight delay could pay dearly for his reaction.

Naphat, 29, faces jail or a very heavy fine.

And a friendship with a Thai superstar won’t help him.

He was angry when he was told that his return flight from Myanmar where he was going on Saturday would be delayed.

When asked the standard question about having forbidden items in his luggage he answered:

“No, nothing forbidden – just a bomb”.

Security was immediately called and Naphat was taken away for questioning.

Airport deputy director Kittipong Kittikhajorn said saying such a thing at any airport around the world was taken very seriously indeed.

In addition to not being allowed to fly the passenger will face criminal prosecution.

The maximum is five years in jail or a 200,000 baht fine or both.

Naphat said that he was a close friend of Thai superstar model and actor Art Pasut but that was not cutting any ice with the authorities, reported Sanook.

Kittipong said that on occasion passengers on planes had joked with staff about bombs causing captains to head back to the gate and security procedures to be enacted.

Don’t ever joke about such things, he warned. – Sanook

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