Sex on the beach couple have left Thailand – cops go after video poster instead

They eventually stopped when onlookers started shouting at them (Picture: Viral Press)

The couple who were filmed having sex on Dong Tan beach in broad daylight in Pattaya earlier this month have left Thailand.

Despite the efforts of Pattaya station chief Pol Col Apichai Krobpetch and tourist police it was discovered that the couple – now known to be Russians – have returned home.

They will be blacklisted and prosecuted if they ever return to Thailand.

Sanook said that the resort’s image was hurt when someone posted the couple having sex in full view of other tourists on a drainage pipe.

Pattaya has tried to shake its image as a town only for sex and this did not help, said Sanook.

CCTV was studied after the incident on March 11th and the couple were traced to a hotel in Thappraya Soi 12. But they had already checked-out, as it were.

The woman flew out of U-Tapao on the same day at 2pm while the man left from Suvarnabhumi airport two days later at 8.18am.

Chief Apichai said that the poster of the clip was also in the wrong and was known. They have been issued with a summons and if they don’t show a warrant will be sought from the Pattaya court and they will be arrested.

He said that if you see such activity in public call the cops – taking videos and posting them will lead to trouble. – Sanook

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