Russian arrested in Bangkok for robbery was million baht MMA prize fighter in Pattaya

More details have emerged about the Russian man arrested on warrants from his home country in Surawong Road, Bangkok on Friday.

Rustan Abdurakmanov, 35, was a well known MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) prize fighter who competed for million baht purses in Pattaya and China and won an MFC (Maximum Fighting Championship), reported Daily News.

But despite his fighting prowess and earning potential police are saying that Abdurakmanov was involved in serious crime in Russia before he fled to Thailand via South Korea in October 2016.

He used guns and knives to threaten and torture businessmen in the extorting of money according to two warrants from Russian authorities and Interpol.

Pol Lt Gen Suthipong Wongpin said that the Thais were informed of the fighter’s murky past on March 20th and soon had him in custody.

In December 2014 while pretending to be a policeman in the city of Artem he beat up a security van driver and stole 210,000 roubles (120,000 baht). In April 2015 he abducted two Chinese businessmen from a wood yard at knifepoint before extorting $500.

The victims were handcuffed, taped and threatened with burning with a gas bottle.

Later the same month he was involved with others in a 915,000 rouble robbery of another businessman. He then fled to Asia.

He has had his right to stay in Thailand removed and is being prepared for deportation back to Russia. – Daily News

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