New clinic to help Thai women live with foreigners

According to TAT’s statistics from January to April 2018, there is a large potential in the wedding segment.

The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and Khon Kaen University have launched a clinic to help Thai women married to foreigners better prepare for a life abroad.

Dusadee Ayutwat, an associate professor at the department of sociology and anthropology, said the clinic is especially designed for Thai women in the Northeast to handle challenges they may face when moving overseas.

The clinic has been introduced due to a growing trend of Thai women marrying foreign men and living overseas. It is to help them prepare for cross-cultural marriages, maintain healthy relationships and ensure they receive proper treatment.

Ms Dusadee said the women will also be informed of cultural differences, family laws as well as how and where they can seek assistance if they run into problems overseas. “The clinic focuses on women in the Isan [Northeast] given the growing number of women there marrying Westerners. Some of these women believe marrying Westerners will give them a better life and financial security, which is quite a misconception,” she said.

Ms Dusadee said research findings by the university suggest financial security is an illusion. According to the findings, most foreign men married to Thai women are low-to-middle income earners, but they seem to have a lot to spend when they are here due to the lower cost of living.

She said the clinic will also reach out to the families of the Thai women to help them understand the situation and not pressure their daughters who are expected to provide after marriage.

She said clinic staff will visit communities in the Northeast and hold forums for them to exchange information.- Bangkok Post

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