Thai media say ‘foreign mafia’ is behind Aussie bar owner assault:

Picture: TNA

Thai News Agency mentioned foreign mafia involvement in the early morning assault of an Australian bar owner.

Chris, 45, the owner of Good Goat Bar in Soi Bua Khao was left bruised and bloodied after he was kicked and punched by two men – one Thai and one foreign after returning to his bar.

TNA TV reported the story and wrote that foreign mafia were involved in a headline on social media.

Original report – Australian bar owner in Pattaya beaten unconscious

Chris had been drinking in Soi LK Metro before returning in the early hours to tell his staff there had been trouble at a Go Go bar.

Two men arrived on a motorbike and knocked him unconscious. They left saying it wasn’t over.

Pictures showed the victim with blood spatter on his t-shirt being escorted to hospital. Source: TNA

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