Most requested celebrity sex doll lookalike revealed

If you wanted a robot that looked like Marilyn Monroe, you would have to have her estate approve it.

Most requested celebrity sex doll lookalike revealed – but customers are banned from having it

One iconic actress is frequently requested – but the company behind the sex dolls can’t replicate her likeness

Sex dolls have been given a technological make-over and can now incorporate humanoid features such as “warm” silicone skin – with some even programmed to have “personalities.”

The evolution of sex robots is such that bereaved men are customising them to look like their dead wives as a way of dealing with their loss.

Unsurprisingly, the requests don’t just stop there.

As well as the world’s first sex robot, US-based True Companion also produce sex dolls, and there’s one famous actress whose likeness is frequently requested.

Douglas Hines, who creates the bots, revealed the company’s most popular celebrity request to The Sun .

According to Douglas, as many as half of the orders the company receives are for celebrity lookalikes – and it’s Marilyn Monroe who is one of the most popular requests.

Marilyn is frequently requested (Image: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Celebrity lookalike requests, however, are problematic.

True Companion have to refuse these requests, as they’re not allowed to use anyone’s likeness without their permission.

Engineer Douglas said: “Marilyn comes up quite often. The caveat is we need the approval of the person or family.

“If you wanted a robot that looked like Marilyn Monroe, you would have to have her estate approve it.”

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They can produce a custom-made doll who perhaps bears a resemblance to the iconic actress, but not her actual likeness.

Douglas continues: “We cannot do one that models Marilyn Monroe but we could do a very beautiful blonde with a full figure and so forth.

“Unless, of course, we receive the approval of [her] estate.”

The company’s flagship product is Roxxxy, a fully-customisable sexbot that costs £7,700 and has multiple personality settings. As well as just sex, True Companion says she can provide companionship and social support for lonely men.

The company also sells a male version of the doll called Rocky. In case you wondered.

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