Foreign tourist brutally attacked by Walking Street thugs

A foreign man was lucky to escape serious injury after being attacked by two men in Walking Street, Pattaya.

Footage of the incident, which took place outside Family Mart during the early hours of Wednesday morning, shows a foreign tourist being attacked by two men of Thai appearance.

The two attackers can be seen be seen knocking the foreigner to the floor before one of the men wearing a white vest lands a brutal kick to his face.

The other attacker then continues to punch the foreign man while he is on the floor.

Luckily, the foreign man, who is clearly dazed, manages to get back on his feet and get away from his attackers.

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The clip was shared to a local Pattaya Facebook page, which claimed the two attackers were street vendors who became involved in a confrontation with the foreign man, although it’s not known why.

It’s also not known if police are aware of the incident.

Last month, an American soldier was attacked by a group of Thai men selling fake watches on Pattaya beach road.

The watch sellers were later arrested and charged with selling fake goods.

Following the incident police said they were working to rid Pattaya of annoying street vendors who harass foreign tourists. – ThaiVisa

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