Video: Road rage as Thai man filmed in foul-mouthed violent rant – but is he a cop?

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Thai social media is speculating whether a middle aged Thai man filmed in a violent and foul mouthed roadside rant is a policeman.

The man was filmed after an apparent collision when he fell from his bike near an expressway exit in Bang Na, Bangkok last week.

Before the occupants of the car started filming he had kicked the front of their vehicle and used his helmet to bash the driver’s side to try and make them come out.

The helmet seemed to be a gold standard issue police helmet.

Both occupants were female. They emerged and started filming as the man hurled foul-mouthed Thai insults in their direction and tossed down his helmet.

He was demanding 300 baht restitution though he didn’t want to go to hospital.

The poster of the clip – a man using the name Kittitouch Chanjirapong on Facebook – said that the people involved were his mother and a friend.

Before police and insurance arrived they feared what would happen so his mother decided to pay up and the man drove off.

They have filed a report with Bang Na police.

The poster told Daily News Online that it was a terrible experience for his mum. The police need to investigate especially if the man is really a cop.

He said that the family don’t want to make a big deal of it despite the damage to their vehicle but posted it as a warning to others.

Some 1.7 million people have viewed and shred the clip online.

Daily News reported nothing in connection with police involvement in the matter. -Source: Daily News

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