Video: Fleeing motorist nabbed in Bangkok citizen’s arrest!

Picture: Daily News

Videos posted to Facebook showed a citizen’s arrest after a Mazda car driver fled the scene of an accident.

The car was filmed going along a main road in Bangkok then cutting in from an outside lane in front of two motorcyclists on the left.

They are unable to take evasive action and fall to the tarmac.

But instead of stopping the car races down a side soi.

However, the whole event was being filmed on another motorcyclist’s head cam and he effects an arrest in the soi while the others catch up.

The driver smiles thinly and offers a meek “wai” as apology as he is reminded:

“If you have got insurance why are you fleeing?”.

Daily News quoted an online lawyer saying that the motorist could be in big trouble for negligent driving and fleeing the scene of an accident.

But no mention was made of any police involvement in the matter that appeared to have happened late last week.

The incident featured on “Pantip Garage” with the three clips coming from the head cam of a member of a Line group called “Burgman650society”. – Daily News




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