Scammers making millions and living high-life in online fraud

Angela Greer and Michael Tozer allegedly scammed close to $2 million. (A Current Affair)

Angela Greer loves the high life. The 52-year-old obviously enjoys to live in luxury hotels and buy expensive goods.

The trouble is for the seven years she was doing it she didn’t work a day.

Angela Greer is accused of an elaborate fraud scheme using fake bank accounts and PayPal transactions. (A Current Affair)
Police allege Greer and her 42-year-old boyfriend Michael Tozer scammed close to $2 million in an elaborate online fraud.

Worse still, Greer did it while married to someone else who had no idea what was happening.

“I’ve never seen a couple so obsessed by money,” Detective Sergeant Brad McLeish, who uncovered the fraud, said.

“Tozer created thousands of fake accounts on PayPal, eBay and Gumtree, which he used to buy and sell non-existent goods.

“Towards the end of this crime spree they started buying scores of Australia Post Load&Go cards.

“Someone at the post office noticed and called us. Then we traced them to a hotel.”

The couple were arrested at the Shangri-La Hotel in Cairns where they’d been living for five months.

When police raided the hotel, they found dozens of bank cards, $3000 in cash and cupboards full of luxury items like Louis Vuitton luggage and Rolex watches.

Micheal Tozer enjoyed living the high life before he was jailed for the fraud. (A Current Affair)
Greer and Tozer refused to answer questions and were taken into custody.

It took detectives months to follow the paper trail which proved the fraud.

Tozer had more than 700 bank accounts, 400 in his name and 300 in names from other people whose identity the couple had stolen.

Among those whose identity had been stolen were the couples’ family members.

The scamming pair used PayPal cards to conduct their fraud. (A Current Affair)


“From all those bank accounts you could just see PayPal money pouring into them,” Det. Sgt McLeish said.

“What’s staggering about this story is that the whole time Angela Greer was living this fantasy life funded by other people’s money, she was married to a disabled man in Bendigo.”

Too scarred by the truth to comment the man, who is confined to a wheelchair, had been married to Greer for 22 years.

“He believed his wife was living and working on the Gold Coast as a publicist,” Det Sgt McLeish said.

“She would fly him to stay in hotels around Australia and overseas but what he didn’t realise was that his wife’s scammer lover was staying at the same hotel in another room.”

Police raided the husbands home when they found evidence Greer had been sending him money but he was found to be totally unaware of either the crime or his wife’s younger lover.

The man has now divorced Greer and wants to get on with his life.

While Tozer took the fall as the mastermind pleading guilty to fraud, the Cairns’ District Court was told Greer lived off the scammed money.

She pleaded guilty to five counts of identity theft and was jailed for three months.

Tozer pleaded guilty to one count of fraud, dishonestly obtaining $950,000 from PayPal and was jailed for eight years.

He will be eligible for parole next March.

When A Current Affair caught up with Greer today she was staying in another luxury resort, but this time in Palm Cove north of Cairns.

She was caught on camera doing yoga by the pool and then going for a walk.

She refused to comment or apologise to her ex-husband. –

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