Bangkok-Pattaya train hailed a success, despite carrying NO tourists

Bangkok to Pattaya tourist promotion train hailed as success - but where are the foreign tourists? (Pattaya News)

State Railway and Pattaya authorities were hailing the inaugural weekend special train to the resort as a massive boon for tourism.

But conspicuous by their absence were any pictures of foreign tourists.

On hand to meet the air-conditioned “Sprinter” that had left Bangkok at 6.45am was local authority spokesman Pinit Maneerat and his entourage of tourism officials.

The hullabaloo welcoming party even included a singer.

On the train was the deputy chief of the State Railways Thanongsak Pongprasert.

There were lots of Thais on the packed train. But when you might have expected this to be a great photo opportunity to publish pictures of smiling western tourists there appeared to be none.

The service will run every Saturday and Sunday for about six months.

Pinit said it was a boon for tourism and explained that tickets could be used for discounts at tourist attractions in places like Pattaya and Sri Racha.

Pattaya News reported that the three carriage train with 64 seats per carriage was fully booked until near the end of March.

Thaivisa would be delighted to hear from any foreign tourists who might have been on the train. – Pattaya News

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