Sex Scandal: Airline claims, ‘they are not our girls they are Thai prostitutes’

Sex orgy in Thailand?: Airline issues denials amid claims girls are Thai prostitutes

Chinese social media went into meltdown as another damning sex clip went viral.

This time people were claiming that a group of naked Chinese in a large room featured stewardesses from China Eastern Airlines.

The company were quick to issue denials regarding the clip that came to prominence on the Weipo platform. They said they were not air hostesses of the company.

Earlier people had claimed that the sex romp happened in Madrid, Spain.

Others online claimed that the orgy was filmed in a high class spa and the girls were in fact Thai prostitutes.

Chinese social media is still reeling in the wake of a viral clip that revealed an executive of China Southern Power Grid who inadvertently filmed himself having sex on a boardroom table with a subordinate after he failed to turn off video conferencing. – ThaiRath

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