Video: Nurse in horror accident – Mother rejects compensation offer

Teacher driver bargains refusing to pay family demands for compensation

TNA reported on the case of the 23 year old Bua Lamphu Hospital nurse who was hit by a car while waiting on her motorcycle at the lights at an intersection on February 6th. She was going home after working in the hospital.

In horrific footage Praew was thrown ten meters by the car that TV presenters said made no attempt to brake.

Patchanok Phoinork or Praew, 23, ended up in a serious condition in her own ER room and had to have her spleen removed. Most people who saw the footage believed she was incredibly luck not to be killed.

The car was driven by Sri Bun Reuang teacher Wannaphasorn Lakun, 38.

The teacher and Praew’s mother Kusuma Tonchaiphum, 47, met for the third time yesterday to sort out compensation. But no agreement was reached.

Police subsequently charged Wannaphasorn with negligent driving causing grievous injury. The case will be considered by the public prosecutor by Friday.

Yesterday after a three hour meeting the mother – who had the help of a free lawyer – told reporters that she wanted 500,000 baht. The teacher had offered 350,000 and a new bike.

This, said Kusuma, was not good enough. Her daughter was still suffering from complications and was now not complete after her spleen was taken out.

“Who is going to pay in the future if further complications set in?” she asked.

She demanded that the teacher pay the compensation request in full and not try to bargain. Source: TNA

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