The hotel room hack blowing people’s minds

You can put ANY card in the light slot…not just your keycard

HOTEL room cards can be a pain in the neck for holidaymakers – if you leave the room and take the key from the slot, the electricity cuts out.

But it turns out that the dilemma of how to keep your phone charging or whether to leave your other half snoozing without access to light was completely unnecessary.

Because the slot for the keycard will take any card – not just your room key.

A Londoner who goes by the name of Katyagar Moonagon on Twitter made the revelation earlier today.

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She said: “[I] wanted to charge my battery pack whilst I was I eating dinner, but needed my keycard.”

She then posted a picture of her Waitrose loyalty card in the slot instead – and revealed it did the trick.

 The slot for the keycard will take any card – not just your room key
The slot for the keycard will take any card – not just your room key

She added: “I turned off all the lights manually, as not to be too wasteful, just needed to bump up the old battery pack for an hour or two.”

The picture has already been retweeted hundreds of times, with some people calling the revelation life changing.

Fellow London Suzanne Azzopardi said: “I’m 42 and didn’t know you could put any card in the bloody hotel light thingy.”

Even hotel works were amazed by the trick.

A Twitter user called Ronan Alex Dunne said: “I’m dumbfounded. I worked in 5 Star Hotels and never came across that.”

Another genius hotel trick shared on the internet is how useful a cheap doorstop can be when travelling.

The simple rubber stop can be used while staying at every hotel room to stop unwanted intruders from breaking and entering.

Other cheap household items you should never travel without include everything from dental floss to cling film.

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