The cutest car mechanic in Thailand

Khao Fang is the owner of Santi Pha Brake (Brake pads) after she took on the family business of her 51 year old father.
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NAKHON RATCHASIMA: — A beautiful female mechanic in Korat has swapped an office life with AIS for the grease and machinery of a downtown car workshop.

Now “Nong Khao Fang” is up her ears in grease and brake pads as she repairs cars in the Hua Talee sub-district of the north eastern Thai province, reported Thai Rath.

Thai Rath reporters caught up with her as she was adeptly repairing a wheel and putting on some new brake pads. The news media said she was as good as any man at her job.

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But Khao Fang – real name Phawida Yainguleuam, 24, – is not just one of the employees. She is the owner of Santi Pha Brake (Brake pads) after she took on the family business of her 51 year old father.

Khao Fang did a bachelor’s degree in marketing at a Korat university then went to work at mobile firm AIS for a year. Now she is back doing what she likes best.

She said that men who come to the shop are often surprised especially as she is quite small but no one complains about her work.

She handles brake pads, oil changes, suspension issues and a host of under chassis work.

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