Austrian tourists robbed at Ayutthaya ruins

They came expecting to be impressed - but Austrian tourists were robbed at Ayutthaya ruins

Daily News reported that two Austrian tourists had been robbed of cash and valuables worth 25,000 baht while cycling peacefully around the ruins in Ayutthaya yesterday.

They said in their headline: They thought they’d be impressed by Thailand – now the theft has further damaged the image of tourism in the country.

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Fabian, 28 – a programmer and Eva, 25, a designer, were cycling near Wat Chedi Daeng when a small man on a motorcycle grabbed their bag.

It contained two cameras, a smart phone, cash, credit cards and passports.

Police tracked the thief going in the direction of Bang Pahan until the GPS phone signal went dead.

They are basing their assumptions on the man being from Bang Pahan as the hunt continues. – Daily News

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