Hostile pilots to be kept apart during commercial flights

Pilots have to spend up to 17 hours together in a tight cockpit

A new, secret ‘Do Not Pair’ system has been introduced by airlines meaning two pilots, with a history of animosity, can never be placed in the same cockpit together.

There are some jobs where getting on with your colleagues is not just the cherry on the cake – but pretty much a “must.”

Think; astronaut, brain surgeon and being one half of a pantomime horse.

Bearing in mind they can spend up to 12 hours cooped up in a tiny, enclosed space 30,000 feet above sea level together, you could arguably add “pilot” to that list.

Alas, it’s impossible to be BFFs with everyone and this rule extends to pilots too.

Luckily, they have a system in place to ensure one pilot will never need to share the cockpit with their sworn enemy.

It’s a concept which is bound to make those of you who are nervous flyers feel relief, and here’s how it works.

The ‘Do Not Pair’ system.

The ‘Do Not Pair’ system means any two pilots who perhaps don’t see eye to eye NEVER get rostered together, The Telegraph reports.

Don’t worry, he’s guaranteed to be flying with someone he likes (Image: Getty)

“Every 30 days, around the middle of the month, we bid our preferences for the following month: where we’d like to fly, which days we’d like off, and which insufferable colleagues we hope to avoid,” pilot Patrick Smith writes in his book Cockpit Confidential.

“What we actually end up with hinges on seniority. Senior pilots get the choicest pickings; juniors get whatever is left over.”

And so it is in so many jobs.

The lists are submitted electronically and literally stop the rota from putting two adversaries together on the same flight.

Should you discover, while flying, your first or second officer is a bit of a pillock or is sleeping with your spouse, then there is another rule in place to avert disaster.

The Sterile Cockpit Rule forbids pilots from talking about anything other than essential flight-related things when the aircraft is below 10,000 feet, to ensure maximum concentration on the flight deck.

Which means no opportunity for Game of Thrones spoilers or anything else which may cause an argument. – mirroronline

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