Jamie Carragher spitting at 14-year-old prompts FURIOUS backlash

Carragher - pure filth

Jamie Carragher SUSPENDED by Sky Sports over spit shame as his TV career hangs by a thread.

Jamie Carragher’s career as one of football’s leading TV pundits is hanging by a thread following a spitting incident caught on video that has appalled the nation.

Carragher was suspended indefinitely by employers Sky Sports on Monday after the former Liverpool defender was filmed spitting through his car window at a man who had been goading him. The spit hit the man’s 14-year-old daughter, who was in the passenger seat, in the face.

The man had taunted Carragher about Manchester United’s victory over Liverpool having spotted the Sky analyst driving along the same road in his Range Rover.

A devastated Carragher went on Sky News, ITV and BBC on Monday to offer his fulsome apologies calling it ‘a four or five-second moment of madness which is difficult to explain. It feels like an out of body thing… I have brought shame on the name of Sky Sports.’

Such is the widespread revulsion towards spitting, it remains in the balance whether this damage limitation exercise will be enough to see Carragher cling on to his high-profile role with Sky.

This revolting little scumbag’s apology made things worse for some people. He claimed, in his defence, that he was being ‘goaded.’ That’s right, here is an apparently fully grown man being ‘goaded’ (over a football result) into spitting at the face of a 14-year-old girl. Filth.

One Twitter user commented: “I never want to see him on my TV screen again! I for one will be unsubscribing if he is not sacked! That poor 14 year old must be scarred for life!”

Another user tweeted: “I have got a lot of time for Jamie Carragher but he should be sacked from his Sky Sports role. Spitting at someone is simply horrible.”

One other Twitter user added: If I spat out of my work van at somebody’s car I would be sacked! Jamie Carragher should lose his job now or everyone should boycott Sky Sports. Dirty horrible man.”

The best Carragher can hope for is a return next season when the dust has settled and Sky have had a chance to judge the public mood. Others are calling him to never appear on a program again. The jury will be out for some time.

It’s a sorry reminder that the game of Moore, Bobby Charlton and Bobby Robson has been hijacked by arrogant scumbags.

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