Brand new transformer exploded causing fire that injured two behind Walking Street

Electrical authorities in Pattaya have said that the fire that engulfed two bars and incinerated 17 motorcycles in the soi behind the Marine Hotel in South Pattaya at the weekend was caused by a brand new transformer exploding.

But no one knows why just yet. A committee of inquiry has been set up.

The transformer had been in place just one day, said the Pattaya chief.

Yesterday provincial electricity chief Chartchai Phumrin was surveying the damage with local electrical chiefs and the police.

Daily News said that damage from the fire would be at least 10 million baht.

Apart from the shops and bikes other signage and awnings were slightly damaged.

One tourist was sent to hospital with burns and a Thai suffered smoke inhalation.

Some 50 staff from the Pattaya electrical authority joined with cable and internet operators in repairs to wiring. A new transformer was expected to be in place restoring power to the area by yesterday evening.

Tourists and locals dropped by for selfies and Facebook live footage despite cones and warning signs being set up. – Daily News

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