MORE explicit photos of US servicewomen posted online

Fresh scandal as MORE explicit photos of US servicewomen posted online.

THE US military has been rocked by fresh allegations following reports that more explicit photos of servicewomen had been posted online.

The original scandal over the secretive Facebook site was exposed about a year ago.

Investigators closed down the original site and tracked down the users, with 55 Marines later being punished.

But the latest revelations from Vice News indicate that while the original site was closed down similar actions were taking place within other file sharing sites.

The original site, which had around 30,000 members and involved 131,000 photos also included comments that could be considered sexual harassment.

In some instances, the posts resulted in the stalking of victims.

The new website contained 267 of the images and included images of women – many of which could be identified – from all branches of the military.

The majority of the photos reportedly feature women wearing military clothing, while some even show the women’s faces or name tags.

It was discovered by former Marine Erin Kirk Cuomo – who founded #NotInMyMarines – in response to the original photo sharing scandal.

Cuomo tweeted: “One year later and not much has changed.

“It’s all well and good to have policies, but until there is a deep-rooted culture change within the military, this is simply a piece of paper. Step up DOD [Department of Defence], we demand action.”

Marine Corps spokesman, Captain Christopher Harrison, said: “It’s been reported through NCIS and the appropriate measures have been taken.

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