Brits and Americans included in Pattaya’s latest overstay round up

Image: Sophon Cable TV

A news conference video from Sophon Cable TV showed Pattaya station chief Pol Col Apichai Krobpetch present the latest bunch of arrests of illegals and over-stayers.

Speaking on behalf of the Pattaya and tourist police Apichai said that 19 were in custody including nationals from Britain, the US, India, Canada and Cambodia.
Some had entered Thailand illegally while others were on overstay. He also mentioned that some were taking jobs reserved for Thais.
When pressed on what jobs he told a reporter that further investigation was needed to ascertain that.
Several of the foreigners looked as though they had spent a considerable time on beaches or perhaps had been auditioning for the part of Robinson Crusoe. –  Sophon Cable TV

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