Young tourist knocked off bike and sexually assaulted in Krabi

Picture: Thai Rath

Posts on Facebook claimed that a young female Chinese tourist travelling alone had been sexually molested while riding a motorbike in Krabi.

She had been knocked off and then subjected to a rape attempt by two men before a husband and wife saved her, it was also claimed.

The story of the Chinese tourist – aged about 20 – came from posts by two hostels in the southern Thai resort area of Krabi.

In the first the owner of a hostel, Jay Boonruang, said that the tourist had stayed at her place then gone to Ao Nang for a few days.

On her return she was sad and had been injured.

She said that a man on another motorcycle had grabbed her breasts while going along the road and she had been knocked off.

She had to pay 1,500 baht to the rental company for the damage even though she was not at fault. The attacker just rode off laughing, she said.

She said that she was taken to the police but due to the fact that her English was non-existent she didn’t know about the procedures at all and didn’t get a report. She later flew to Bangkok where she was due to spend another 6 days.

She told the hostel owner that she had not told her parents.

However, following this post another appeared from a hostel in Ao Nang where a claim was made that the young woman was in fact subjected to an attempted rape by two men and her injuries were as a result of being dragged into some undergrowth.

The second post claimed that a husband and wife had arrived at the scene and stopped the rape.

They all called on the police to investigate and for the husband and wife to come forward and explain what they saw, reported Thai Rath who put “Amazing Thailand” in their headline. – Thai Rath/ThaiVisa

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