Italian robbed in Pattaya because he was ‘playing the field’

Italian robbed in Pattaya because he was 'playing the field'

A Thai woman arrested for theft from an old Italian man almost twice her age said that she stole because he was treating other women but not her.

Nonthaburi woman Sureerat Thongsoam, 45, was arrested in her hometown after Pattaya cops followed her using CCTV evidence.

On February 21st Vivaldi Giambattista, 79, had complained to Pattaya police that a woman whose name he claimed not to know had stolen more than 200,000 baht in cash and valuables.

Vivaldi had taken the woman to a hotel for sex.

Missing was US 7,000, 600 Euros and 6,000 baht, a phone and other valuables.

Sureerat claimed that she had known Vivaldi for 2 years but he had never given her anything. He gave other women cash and even a car, she alleged.

Asked by Pattaya chief Pol Col Apichai Krobpetch what she had done with the loot she said that she had spent it all on debts. – Sophon Cable

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