Foreign couple on tourism fact finding mission to Thailand robbed by airport taxi driver

Picture: Sanook

A Swedish man and his Thai wife in Thailand to find out what the country is like for tourists were robbed of tens of thousands of baht by an airport taxi driver who dumped them by the roadside.

But the story had a happy ending as within three hours the tourists were reunited with their valuables including a phone, cash and documents.

The wife called Pramoon, 53, works for a company in Sweden that promotes tourism in Thailand. She was with her husband on a fact finding mission to Pattaya.

They hired a taxi for 1,300 baht from Door 3 on the fourth floor of Suvarabhumi airport. But when they got to the area of Wat Saam in Lat Krabang the driver said he had to return the car and that a friend of his would come and pick them up.

The couple didn’t like the sound of this and decided to unload their luggage and organize their own transport to continue to Pattaya.

But before they had offloaded all their bags the driver sped off – along with a bag containing many 10,000s of baht, documents and a phone.

They reported the matter to Lat Krabang police who advised them to go back to Suvarnabhimi as they couldn’t remember the licence plate.

At the airport CCTV was examined and the taxi was found to be 1 มข (mor khor) 4064.

The rental company were contacted and the driver was found to be Theewakorn who was soon arrested with all the valuables.

Within three hours the tourists were reunited with all their belongings and confirmed nothing was missing.

Theewakorn has been charged with theft, has been detained and will appear in court. – Sanook

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