‘Send us back and we are dead’, claim Russian hookers held in Thailand

Russian tycoon-linked model offers sordid secrets of elite in exchange for US asylum

The couple who organised the sex seminar in Pattaya and who were arrested for working without permits have claimed their lives are in danger if they are deported to Russia.

Alexander Kirillov, 38, known as Alex Lesley and his partner Anastasia Vashukevich, 37, known as Nastya Rybka were arrested along with eight other Russians and Belorussians on Sunday.

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But the story runs much deeper. Reports reached the Washington Post yesterday that the couple were connected to a Russian oligarch and politician called Oleg Deripaska with links to Russian president Vladimir Putin. The Washington Post said Nastya had filmed a trip on the billionaire’s yacht.

Picture: Manager Online


There were suggestions that the couple had appealed for help to the US authorities to stop their extradition and get them out of jail in Thailand as they claimed their lives are in danger.

Manager also reported that the couple had video evidence that could implicate deputy prime minister Sergei Prikotko in a corruption scandal. Prikotko is closely linked to Putin. Manager named Russia Today as their source.

Manager also reported claims that surfaced earlier in Washington that the couple were willing to share information that could help the probe into the alleged involvement of Russia in the US election of president Donald Trump.

The couple were willing to trade this information for their freedom and not being sent back to Russia.

Meanwhile TNews in Thailand showed a brief video of a man believed to be Alex Lesley talking from the back of a police van.

He appeared to deny working in Thailand saying he worked in Moscow.

TNews said in their headline that the couple would be killed if they ever were deported back to Russia.

They said that six Russians and Belorussians were in custody and were being detained in Bangkok ahead of a decision by a Pattaya court. – TNews, Manager Online

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