Swede has his Pattaya bank account cleaned out

Henrik Christian Koch (left), 49, files a complaint after almost 100,000 baht was allegedly withdrawn from his bank account at the Pattaya police station in Chon Buri province on Friday. (Photo by Chaiyot)

A Swedish man filed a complaint with Pattaya police on Friday, seeking an investigation into the loss of about 100,000 baht from his bank account left unattended for over a year.

Henrik Christian Koch, 49, told Pattaya police that he opened his bank account with Bangkok Bank’s branch at the Central Festival Pattaya Beach shopping centre on Dec 29, 2016 and deposited 500 baht then.

He later deposited more money until it reached about 100,000 baht. Afterwards, he returned to work in his homeland for about a year.

On his return to Pattaya on vacation, he updated his passbook and found that 1.38 baht remained.

Bank staff checked transactions through the account and found that the user of phone number 098-9301045 applied for internet banking services and withdrew money from the account twice on March 12, 2017.

The first withdrawal was 90,000 baht and the second 9,900 baht, Mr Koch said.

He said when he asked the bank to take responsibility, the staff told him to file a complaint with police and gave him no further advice.

He insisted that he did not make any withdrawal or ask anyone to do it. – Bangkok Post

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