Video: Inside Pattaya’s bizarre ‘sexual training’ course

BUSTED: Images from one of the alleged organisers of the course have been revealed

Inside bizarre ‘sexual training’ course busted in Brit holiday hotspot

SEEDY pictures from one of the organisers of an alleged sexual training course held in Thailand have been revealed.

Thai police arrested 10 Russian accused of organising sexual training courses in Pattaya.

Cops claimed 33 Russian tourists were attending the class at the Ibis Hotel when they raided the course.

10 people accused of being instructors were arrested at the scene on immigration charges including working without a permit.

Pattaya tourist police official Piyapong Ensarn said: “The hotel management said they had no details on the event but they booked it for a seminar and training.

“Some participants told police that they had to pay £640 but some said they attended for free.”

One of the suspects was identified as Russian Alexander Kirilov, 38, who police describe as an organiser.

Going under the name of Alex Lesley, Kirilov has released eight books on how to seduce women, including “life without panties”.

His Instagram is littered with images of bikini clad women in raunchy positions.

On a recent post, he claims the course will allow participants to “win over any girl they like”.

Another image shows what look like participants wearing “sex animator” t-shirts.

Cops also claim they found similar certificates at the scene.

Pattaya is known for its seedy reputation, rife with drugs and prostitution.

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