Pictures show how Russian ‘sex instructors’ taught their students

Pictures have emerged of the sex course run by a group of ten Russians in Pattaya that was busted earlier this week.

And further details have emerged that indicate the whistle blower was a Russian woman and that the course taught Russian ladies how to snare a rich sugar daddy.

Photos of the 45,000 baht four day course published by Sophon Cable TV on Facebook show one Russian man grabbing a woman’s genitals from behind in front of an easel while students take notes.

Another appears on the floor as the students watch to see how it is done.

While yet another features a “volunteer” being thrashed with a thick belt.

This was all part of a course that was earlier reported as being one to help participants make their partners climax.

But Sophon revealed that there was much more to the story. The Thai authorities were alerted by a Russian woman who had reported the matter to Russian authorities.

Exactly why and who this was was not revealed but the woman was a participant on the course who was not named..

Modules on various sex subjects were explored – these included what to do in bed and how to snare a Russian sugar daddy.

There were instruction manuals in the theory of these practices available for all modules.

The course was organised by a Russian man and his wife who Sophon said run a “Sex Institute” in Thailand.

They employed eight instructors for the course.

Police told Sophon that the course included a trip on Sunday to Koh Larn where live coverage was shared on the internet. There were forty female participants on the holiday island.

When the instructors and their students returned to a Pattaya hotel in the evening for a diploma giving “climax” to the course, the police swooped and the arrests were made.

The ten Russians have been charged with illegal entry and working without a work permit.

Following their prosecution on these matters they will all be deported and blacklisted so they can’t come back to Thailand. – Sophon Cable

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