US soldier in Pattaya brawl with group of Thai vendors

The calls come in the wake of the attack on soldiers out of uniform who had been part of the Cobra Gold 2018 exercises.

A fight at the weekend in Pattaya between an American and a group of Thai vendors allegedly trying to sell fake watches is gaining renewed interest online.

Facebook user Julie Wolstencroft recorded the fight, which took place on Sunday at about 5pm, and then posted the video on her wall.

The 1.41 minute clip showed a foreign man wearing a white T-shirt throwing punches amid a group of Thai men. The fight seemed to end after the foreign man’s friends pulled him away.

However, the Thais followed the foreigners and the exchange of punches resumed until a policeman was alerted and went to the scene.

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Before the officer arrived, some Thais and foreigners appeared to try to stop the encounter while others just watched. Some foreigners were also seen in the video running away from the scene.

The video showed a Thai man suffering from a nose bleeding. The police officer then talked to both sides and took them to a police station in the vicinity.

Reportedly the foreign man is an American soldier who was attending the Cobra Gold military exercise and enjoying a break with friends in Pattaya.

Apparently a Thai vendor insistently tried to sell the man a fake watch, which was refused, leading to a loud argument. The vendor reportedly threw the first punch, leading the American to fight back and the vendor’s friends joining the fracas.

It was unclear on Tuesday whether any charges had been filed or if anyone was injured.

Watch the video : Julie Wolstencroft’s Facebook

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