The hotel beside University of Arizona rebuilt their partnership with Marriott

The newly established partnership between the Tuscon University park hotel, and Marriott has entered a 20 a franchise agreement for 20 years which will be effective from March 1

Did you hear the latest news about the famous Marriott? Well, this hotel has established its relationship again with the Tuscon University Park Hotel.

Actually, they were having a relationship with itself. Under certain circumstances, it was not working. Now, the company has once again announced a bond on this Valentine’s Day.

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Well, now coming to the main news, The newly established partnership between the Tuscon University park hotel, and Marriott has entered a 20 a franchise agreement for 20 years which will be effective from March 1.

This hotel which is near the University of Arizona consists of 250 rooms, and it is located at 880 E. Second Street. This hotel was opened in the year 1996 by his owner Atrium Holdings who lived in Georgia.

This nine-storied hotel is situated on the land which is being owned by the Marshall Foundation and is also being leased to Atrium.

There was a temporary separation between Marriott and the hotel as because it was not able to get the refinancing within the time period that was set by Marriott.

We came to know this fact from the statement of Mark VanBuren who is the general manager of the hotel. Once this issue has been resolved now, the new agreement has been signed.

Van Buren said, “ We are excited to be working with Marriott International once again as they have proven to be trusted and valuable partner over the past two decades.”

It is predicted that in the upcoming 18 months, the improvements between the amount of $ 15 million and $ 25 million would be underway. The public spaces of the hotel would be certainly refurbished, and the guest rooms will be given a new look.

He further added that already the features of rocks and rivers which were prevalent in the previous look have been removed and there are enough renovations now.

Now, when the new agreement has been signed, it is anticipated that the hotel would get the prestigious authority to offer Marriott rewards again.

Van Buren has also said in his interview that the best thing that their hotel is having could be nothing else other than their location.

The newest Tuscon hotel in Marriott i.e., AC Marriott opened last year on Broadway and Fifth Avenue. It is even expected that Marriott is going to open its Moxy hotel to downtown Tuscon which is located above the Depot Garage, just west of Hotel Congress.

Lastly, the Tuscon University Park Hotel is going to get significantly renovated after this collaboration with Marriott. So, all our best wishes to it for the future and we hope that you will have a wonderful experience on your visit to this hotel.

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