‘We should treat terrorists like PAEDOS’ says top cop

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Jihadis and neo-Nazis should be treated like paedophiles and have their kids taken off them, says top cop

Mark Rowley says extremist propaganda and sexual abuse are ‘equally wicked’ environments for youngsters.

ANTI-terror police chief Mark Rowley called for children of terrorists to be given the same protection from their parents as the offspring of Paedophiles.

He said extremist propaganda and sexual abuse were “equally wicked” environments for youngsters to be exposed to.

But Mr Rowley told how terrorist parents are still able to remain caring for children even after being convicted of crimes.

He revealed that since the start of the conflict in Syria around 100 children have been safeguarded through family courts.

Mr Rowley said: “The family courts and social services now routinely wrestle with child protection and safeguarding cases arising out of terrorism and extremism.

“However, we still see cases where parents convicted of terrorist-related offences, including radicalisers, retain care of their own children.

 Terrorist parents are still allowed to care for their children
Terrorist parents are still allowed to care for their children

Mr Rowley said a study of terrorist suspects and their associates had revealed that half of them home-schooled children, fueling fears of radicalisation. – Sun

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