Foreigner furious that man who attacked him was ‘allowed to escape’

Picture: Pattaya News

A furious foreign national created merry hell at Pattaya police station in the early hours of Sunday morning after a man who attacked him fled while going to the toilet.

He was also a foreigner.

The pair – along with the victim’s Thai girlfriend had had an altercation at a bar.

The Thai girlfriend said that a fist fight had broken out between her boyfriend and another man.

After that the other man went to get a knife and came back using the weapon to cause a wrist injury.

Members of the public intervened and the three went to Pattaya police station to sort it out.

But while the knife man was being questioned in the interview room he was allowed to go to the toilet and then fled the station.

Officers tried to locate him but failed.

Investigating officer Thammanchat Sitthisat just made a report enraging the victim of the knife crime.

No one was named and no locations were given in the Pattaya News story.

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