Video: Young Thai paramedic tries to save man’s life

Young Thai woman straddles dying man on stretcher in desperate attempt to save a life

A young Thai woman put appropriateness aside as she jumped on a moving stretcher to give CPR to a man following a fire in Bangkok.

Staff from Emergency Medical Services were transporting the unconscious man to an ambulance following the fire in Chan Road Soi 51.

“Nong Jaen” – who appeared to have experience with the Ruam Katanyu Foundation but was not in the uniform of a medic – jumped on the man’s abdomen and desperately pumped his chest as other medics transported him to the ambulance.

The drama was all witnessed by many bystanders in a narrow sub-soi.

She posted the experience on her page on Facebook – Janny Peeraya – said Sanook.

She apologized for how it might look to some but said she was trying to save a life.

She reported that the man died. He had been taken to Charoen Krung hospital with Nong Jaen accompanying him in the ambulance with other staff.

Sanook said that comment online had been largely positive with people recognizing her awareness of the situation and her public spiritedness.

While some questioned the appropriateness of what she did Sanook backed her up by saying that she could have been the only hope for the man who could have been revived between the site of the fire and the ambulance.

Pictures that accompanied the story showed the petite young woman in the uniform of a Ruam Katanyu staff member and in a university uniform.

The incident happened Wednesday and has been shared more than ten thousand times online. – Source: Sanook

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