Video: Tour coaches in Pattaya driven by ‘MORONS’

Dramatic video shows Pattaya tour bus write off 18 motorcycles

The moment a Pattaya tour bus smashes into a row of parked motorcycles and cars has been caught on camera.

The crash took place on Thursday at Pratumnak Soi 4 outside Co & Caffe.

CCTV footage of the incident, which was shared on Facebook shows, the bus ploughing into the parked vehicles.

According to a post on Facebook a total of 18 motorcycles were written off and 2 cars and a bicycle were also damaged.

“It’s hell in Pattaya with hundreds and hundreds of poorly maintained polluting buses driven by morons pouring in every day”, read the caption which accompanied the video.

Incredibly, no injuries have been reported.

It’s not clear why the accident occurred, if the bus lost control, the brakes failed or for some other reason. – ThaiVisa

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