Pattaya killing was a ‘misunderstanding’ says the bar-girl involved

Ruby Club, in Thailand's notorious red light district, is a small bar where patrons drink on the patio under what appears to be a row of portable fans

Inside the seedy club in Thailand’s red light district where an ‘Australian man was bashed to death after choking a barmaid’ – but she claims he was only JOKING 

A fluorescent red sign reading ‘sexy room’ shines in a corner, while women in towering stilettos and skimpy hot pants speak with tourists as they clutch their beers under a damaged awning.

Welcome to Ruby Club – the seedy nightclub in Thailand’s notorious red light district where an Australian man was allegedly fatally bashed by an American for holding a local waitress by her neck.

Ruby Club describes itself as the place to be ‘to heat things up and bring a flirty mood to your night out’.

On the bar’s website, a ‘selection of fun girls all dedicated to putting a smile on your face’ is advertised.

The venue also spruiks five rooms for patrons to stay the night, a large bar and ‘cosy seating’.

On Friday night, the venue lost its flirtatious sheen, when Melbourne man Benjamin Robb was allegedly hit by American tourist Jose Manuel Polanco, 43, over his treatment of a waitress.

Mr Robb was pictured inside the bar, being strapped to a plastic stretcher as patrons gather around him.

He would die of a brain injury soon after.

Ruby Club advertises itself as the place to be ‘to heat things up and bring a flirty mood to your night out’


Polanco left the bar, but later handed himself in to police, who told media the New Yorker was provoked when Mr Robb picked up a local waitress by her neck.

Officers said Polanco asked Mr Robb to stop but the 42-year-old did not, and then Polanco became aggressive.

The club’s website boats a ‘selection of fun girls all dedicated to putting a smile on your face’ (pictured: women who work at Ruby Club)

But the woman at the centre of the altercation has reportedly told police the whole situation was just a ‘misunderstanding’.

A source close to the investigation told ThaiVisa the woman involved, waitress Rung-Arun Sangsuwan, had told police she and Mr Robb were ‘just joking’ and she did not feel under threat.

Polanco handed himself into police after the altercation, and has been charged with manslaughter – but denies the charge and claims he was acting in self defence (pictured: Benjamin Robb on the floor at Ruby Club)

Polanco, 43, has been charged with manslaughter, but denied the charges and claims he was acting in self defence.

He did not apply for bail and remains in custody ahead of his court date.

Polanco has previously been convicted and jailed for manslaughter, after the death of Michael Cooper in 1993, who had given the then-school student $20 to look at his car.

Ruby Lounge earlier released a statement regarding Friday night’s incident, and confirmed that no other customer of staff member was injured during the fight.

‘An altercation lasting less than 20 seconds between two customers on Friday night resulted in one person being taken to hospital with serious looking injuries, which sadly resulted in him passing away in the early hours of Saturday morning,’ the statement read.

‘The other individual involved handed himself in to police and it is understood he is to remain in custody until a court appearance in 10 days or so.

‘Whilst our thoughts remain with the victims relatives, we would also like to thank the emergency services for their prompt and professional attention in dealing with the incident.’

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Ruby Club for further comment.  – Mailonline

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