UK’s first sex doll brothel forced to give used dolls away for free

The company has claimed it was left with no choice but to leave its premises this week. (Picture: North News)

If you’re in the market for a sex doll but you only have a small budget – today is your lucky day. The UK’s first sex doll brothel shut down – so it’s giving all its plastic partners away for free.

Lovedoll UK says the owner of the building it was renting received complaints from neighbouring companies after they discovered the business was hiring out sex dolls by the hour.

The company has claimed it was left with no choice but to leave its premises this week. And with nowhere to store its sex dolls, they are now being given away.

‘This deal is targeted is for someone who would find money an obstacle when purchasing a doll.'(Picture: North News)

So far, around £30,000 worth of used sex dolls have been given away to customers who entered into a ‘lottery-style’ draw to win a latex lover – and will continue to do so until tomorrow.

Landlord Bizspace have confirmed that Lovedoll UK have left and that the business did not fit in with their ‘company values’.

A spokesperson for Lovedoll UK, based in Tyne and Wear, said: ‘The time we were given to move out of the business centre did not allow us to arrange transport, storage and a new premises.

‘So we had to make the decision to pack up the existing stock and just ship it out. ‘Initially they only gave us 24 hours, but eventually we were given three days to move.

‘We did not want to have any downtime, so decided giving away free dolls would be a good way of keeping the business running.

With nowhere to store its sex dolls, they are now being given away (Picture: North News)

‘A lot of people in the business centre have genuinely been sad to see us go, we have been there for a long time and so you get attached. ‘Some didn’t even know what we did – but a very small percentage didn’t like it when they found out through the press coverage.’

Lovedoll UK hit the headlines earlier this month after they announced they were doing a ‘try before you buy’ service – where clients could spend an hour with a doll before splashing out £2,000 on one of their own.

World’s oldest green grocers closes after 130 years The spokesperson added: ‘We have had a lot of people who say that they would love a doll but simply cannot afford one, so this is a way of giving back and supporting our customers.

‘We feel that there are a lot of people out there that will be grateful of this offer, so its is just a kind gesture from the company. ‘We think that it will broaden the scope for new customers and we want our business to be slightly different.

‘This will spread the word about sex dolls and hopefully rid the taboo, because a lot of men and women can really benefit from this.

‘A lot of people don’t know about the sex-doll industry, so it is important to get it out there.

‘This offer will be available until the end of the week – we have had hundreds of entries so far and some winners have cancelled their prize because they get catholic guilt.

‘There has been a lot of submissions. All details will be accumulated into a list and then a name will be chosen at random.

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