Experts Find Two Classic Cars Parked In An Abandoned Barn

There’s something about the classic car that brings with it a splash of glamour. For some car addicts, finding and owning one of these can be the mission of a lifetime.

Now experts from the YouTube series Barn Find Hunter have made a massive find in the form of two classic cars, which were sat in an abandoned garage for almost 30 years.

Car expert Ben Cotter was called out to a deserted house in North Carolina, USA with the task of finding a new home for a few forgotten cars.

But when Cotter and his team turned up, they were amazed to discover a 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/2 and a 1967 Shelby Cobra 427 – two of the most sought-after cars of their time.

Credit: Hagerty/YouTube

The house and the garage had been condemned and were going to be knocked down so Barn Find Hunter agreed to remove the cars out of the garage and move them to a new location.

According to a friend of the owner of the garage, the cars had gone untouched for 27 years since the death of the mechanic that regularly cared for them.

Not only are the two cars unbelievably rare, but they were also found with very few miles on the clock – making them worth roughly £2.8 million ($3,859,772)combined. All they needed was a little dusting.

The silver 3.3-litre Ferrari and the Cobra are one of just a handful that exist of each model, with the Cobra boasting an incredible 390bhp thanks to its 428 Police Interceptor motor.

The two cars are now set to go on auction on 9 March with the classic car auctioneers Gooding & Company. It’ll be a lucky person that manages to land one of either of those.

The find included a Shelby Cobra 427, similar to the one above. Credit: PA
The find included a Shelby Cobra 427, similar to the one above. Credit: PA

The discovery of the two classic cars pairs nicely with a similar find in Mosta, Malta recently – an entire disused showroom full of spotless Subaru cars.

The showroom contained a number of classic models of the Japanese cars from the 1980s and 90s, including a brand new Subaru XT Turbo which was launched in 1985.

According to the US website, the former owner of the showroom had been casually using the showroom as a garage for his own vehicle, leaving the showroom in pretty good nick.

Somehow I doubt my grandad’s old Peugeot 405 would warrant the same amount of attention. – Featured Image Credit: PA

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