French man and Thai woman arrested for brutal murder of Italian man

The Thai woman suspect is the wife of the Italian victim

A French man and a Thai woman who are suspected of murdering an Italian man in Phichit province have been arrested by immigration police in Tak province.

The dismembered charred remains of the 61 year old Italian man were discovered in bushes near a reservoir in Bung Na Rang district of Phichit province on Friday (Jan 19).

Close to the body police also found burnt luggage that they say was used to transport the body.

Police said they were alerted after locals saw smoke billowing from bushes near the reservoir and a black sedan vehicle driving at high speed close to the crime scene.

A search of the house belonging to the Thai woman found traces of blood and other evidence.

On Sunday, it was reported that a French man and a Thai woman, who is believed to be the wife of the Italian man was arrested in Mae Sot.

We’ll share more information on this story when we get it. Source: Penkhao

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