Vietjet attendants serve up a treat on first Bangkok to Dalat flight

Picture: Manager Online

Passengers on the inaugural Suvarnabhumi to Dalat flight on Thai Vietjet got a mid-air surprise yesterday.

The sexy stewardesses donned flowery bikinis for a parade as the aisle was turned into a catwalk in the sky.

Tray tables were quickly stowed and seat belt signs were hurriedly ignored as many passengers got their mobile phones out to record the event.

Footage ended up on Facebook on “The Clip” page.

Manager reported that the new route – flying four times a week – now meant Thai Vietjet has six routes to Vietnam.

Dalat, with its cool year round climate, is famous for flowers and vegetables, they said.

The Thai news media added that passengers received special gifts on the flight.

The normal uniform is a more traditional flying hat and red costume. Source: Manager Online

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